April 16-18 The Rev. Dr. Eric H.F. Law

How can your congregation grow in faithfulness to Christ and be a blessing to your neighborhood?

Notes from the 2015 History Tour

Many on this year's History Tour asked for this information.

Celebration of Aging

30th Annual Celebration of Aging is May 6th, 2015 at First United Presbyterian Church, Granite City IL

Vibrant Congregations

Vibrant Congregations update: The Leadership Team report to the Presbytery is now available.

Summer Grants

2015 Summer Grant applications are now available.


April 22 // 12:00 AM

Administrative Professional's Day

April 22 // 9:30 AM

Resourcing & Equipping Team-Lovejoy Conf. Rm.

April 24 // 3:00 PM

JPT - Giddings Conference room

April 25 // 9:00 AM

JPT - Giddings Conference Room

April 28 // 1:00 PM

Planning Work Group - Lovejoy Conference Room

April 30 // 12:00 PM

Justice & Compassion-Lovejoy Conf. Rm.