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Joining Hands
Against Hunger
National Program

Joining Hands Against Hunger - Peruvian Partnership

Joining Hands Against Hunger is an innovative mission of the Hunger Program. It is based on the concept of building relationships with the people of an impoverished country. It involves working with them to imporve the conditions that make their lives so difficult. Joining Hands Against Hunger is walking in solidaity with the people of Peru to address issues and improve conditions related to environmental justice, economic development, and human rights.

Representative of the Joining Hands Against Hunger Peruvian Network will arrive in St. Louis on Saturday, August 7, 2004. This is an opportunity for congregations to hear about environmental, economic development and human rights issues in Peru directly from individuals living with these issues daily. They are eager to tell their stories! They will leave Monday, August 16, 2004. Contact Lisa Martino-Taylor at 314.210.6993 to schedule them for your church.

Learn more about Peru and our Joining Hands Against Hunger partnership by visiting our missionaries Rev. Hunter and Ruth Ferrell on-line.

Environmental Justice

Nearly 100% of the children of La Oroya, Peru have lead poisoning, 27% have levels high enough that they would be hospitalized immediately if they lived in the United States.
The environmental justice task force has been focused on the community of La Oroya, Peru and the surrounding region. A U.S. owned company, headquartered in St. Louis, operates lead smelters in La Oroya and Herculaneum, Missouri. Contamination from the smelters is causing lead poisioning in both communities and a sever health crisis in La Oroya. Joining Hands has been able to connect these communities which are now working together to hold the company accountable for the pollution affecting the air, water, soil, and well-being of the communities.

Human Rights
The Human Rights Task Force is working in support of the efforts of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Peru. Since the 1970's the Shining Path terrorist group has been responsible for 25,000 deaths, 10,000 missing persons, 50,000 orphaned children, and over one million refugees fleeing to Peruvian cities. The task force also supports the Economic Development Task Force to address issues of inequality in the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, which as presently written, favors international corporations at the expense of local indigenous populations. Human Rights also supports the Environmental Task Force as advocates for residents working to eliminate lead contamination and restore the health of individuals and the wellness of the community.

Economic Development

Julia Huamani, a Presbyterian women's leader, works on placemat sets from traditional-style Andean "manta" cloth for the Joining Hands "Fair Trade Bridge.
The Economic Development Task Force has pledged solidarity with Peruvian artisans and is providing a fair trade corridor for them to sell their handmade items in the United States. Fair Trade provides direct access to world markets, so that prices charged cover the producers' cost of production and gives the people a fair price for the items which they have made. Joining Hands against hunger provides a marketplace for artisan items from Peru. Items are sold at some presbytery meetings and congregations have hosted Christmas Artisan Fairs. Items are sold for fair trade values and all the money benefits the aritsans. For information on hosting a fair contact Carolyn Newcomb.

Joining Hands Against Hunger Gift Shop

The following items and more are available for purchase.
Contact Carolyn Newcomb for up to date prices and to place your order or to schedule a shop at your church.
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