The Verse After the Verse Book Launch

The Verse After the Verse, written by Rev. John Shear

The book takes twelve familiar passages, ones that people memorize and not only unpacks that verse but looks at the verse just after to see if there is a dynamic created with the two verses.  The publisher is Book Ventures and the book is scheduled to be printed within the next two weeks.  It sells for $9.50 with a dollar from each sale going into the funds at John Calvin Presbyterian Church.   A “Book Launch” at the John Calvin Presbyterian will be held on Tuesday, May 8th, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Those attending General Assembly will also find a booth site for this book.


Discover Fine Arts Camp Begins

Discover Fine Arts!

July 15-21

Children and Teens ages 10-15

 This overnight camp experience calls out your child’s natural creativity.  Our campers will be inspired with a variety of art and music forms as they celebrate their particular God-given gifts.  Biblical super-heroes will teach us of God’s affinity toward using the ‘ordinary person’ for extraordinary tasks. Campers will participate in learning, creating, fellowship, outdoor worship, water play, campfire activities and building lasting relationships with one another and God.

Fees for week $390.00

For more information and to register for camp please visit

Deadline for overnight camp registration June 21.

Mound Ridge Retreat Center              1-573-265-3098

31 Agape Lane                          email:                       

Cook Station, MO 65449