The Presbytery will be praying each week for our churches throughout the year. Praying for one another is a way to show that God’s love extends to each and everyone of us, and by doing so we demonstrate that we are a community of people who genuinely care for one another. Each congregation is an important part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and we pray that God’s blessings be with all of them this day and everyday.

Prayers for Comfort

  • Family of the Rev. Ed Wicklein, a faithful servant and treasured member of the History Team, who passed away on August 8, 2017 while receiving treatment from a car accident.
  • Families of Heather Heyer, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, and Trooper Berke M. M. Bates who tragically lost their lives battling hate in the Charlottesville Riot of August 12 2017.

For those under treatment for various health problems:

  • Wally Diboll, Westminster, as he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and undergoes treatments.
  • Rev. Bart Brenner, HR, as he deals with his treatments for prostate cancer.
  • For Steve in his battle with cancer.
  • For Jimmy in his battle with schizophrenia

     Prayers for well being:

  • For all the men and women serving in our military.
  • For college students as they head back to school
  • Prayers for Projects of the Presbytery:
    • UKirk Campus Ministry and Reverend Miriam Foltz the pastor to UKirk.
    • Caritas Presbyterian Fellowship and program director Tom McShane
    • Our Partners in Plan Grande #2 Nicaragua: for wisdom and justice.
      • For the mission trip to Nicaragua. Seven people will be leaving Friday, July 6th and returning July 16th (2017)  The itinerary is: 1 night in Managua, 5 nights in Plan Grande #2, and 2 nights in the Matagalpa area.
    • Fellowships: Pendo Fellowship
    • Partners for Just Trade as they continue their work with Peru and Fair Trade.
    • Joining Hands Partners in Peru.  Over 70 people have died and tens of thousands have been displaced due to flooding and mudslides.
    • For Peace in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and children and Afghanistan.
    • Mound Ridge: as their journey continues in love in different directions.

     Prayers for energy, strength, and peace

  • For all of the servant ministries of our congregations
  • For all the saints in that great cloud of witnesses watching us run the race that is laid out before us
  • For Craig and the for the leadership of this presbytery, especially in his travels these next two weeks.
  • For Scott in his search for better employment options
  • Donna and Deb, who were injured while volunteering at Big Tent
  • Vacation Bible School Organizers and Attendees
  • For Rev. Hannah Dietcer and Webster Groves Presbyterian in their new relationship