Moderator: Rev. John Harrison



Team Members:

Name Church Affiliation Church Location
Mod., Rev. John Harrison Affton Presbyterian St. Louis, Missouri
Elder Thom Hood Cote Brilliante Presbyterian St. Louis, Missouri
Elder Mary Diboll Westminster Presbyterian St. Louis, Missouri
Sheila Mapes Woodlawn Chapel Wildwood, Missouri
Rev. Millie Slack NonMember Laboring Within Bounds
Dr. Rance Thomas John Knox Presbyterian Florissant, Missouri
Elder Jim Wellman Ladue Chapel Presbyterian St. Louis, Missouri

Regional Discussion Groups to Meet in November

As announced at our August gathering, each congregation in our Presbytery is invited and encouraged to read the book Waking Up White together in the coming months.
As we prepare ourselves to share God’s love beyond the boundaries of race, the DRAP committee would like to convene regional discussion groups in November to reflect on this book together. What are people of faith without hope that the sins of the world can be transformed and that Christ is all in all?
If you are interested in joining this conversation and participating in this hope, please email at John Harrison, and we will gladly bring the discussion to your neck of the woods!