The Presbytery will be praying each week for our churches throughout the year. Praying for one another is a way to show that God’s love extends to each and everyone of us, and by doing so we demonstrate that we are a community of people who genuinely care for one another. Each congregation is an important part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and we pray that God’s blessings be with all of them this day and everyday.

Prayers for Comfort

  • Kerry Rice, in the death of his son.
  • Rev. Don Kratz, in the death of his wife

For those under treatment for various health problems:

  • Wally Diboll, Westminster, as he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and undergoes treatments.
  • Rev. Bart Brenner, HR, as he deals with his treatments for prostate cancer.
  • For Kerry Downing, Rev. Wendy Downing’s brother, who is beginning experimental cancer treatment in Houston.
  • For McKenzi Carmack, 14 year old, facing heart transplant rejection symptoms, after receiving the heart as an infant.

     Prayers for well being:

  • For all the men and women serving in our military.
  • For newly ordained and/or installed, as they begin to lead churches:
  • Prayers for Projects of the Presbytery:
    • UKirk Campus Ministry and Reverend Miriam Foltz the pastor to UKirk.
    • Caritas Presbyterian Fellowship and program director Tom McShane
    • Our Partners in Plan Grande #2 Nicaragua: Political unrest and violence plague the region.
    • Partners for Just Trade as they continue their work with Peru and Fair Trade.
    • Joining Hands Partners in Peru.  Over 70 people have died and tens of thousands have been displaced due to flooding and mudslides.
    • For Peace in North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and around the globe.
    • Mound Ridge: as their journey continues in love in different directions.
    • General Assembly 223 – Renewing the Vision: Kindom Building for the 21st Century

     Prayers in thanksgiving for their energy, strength, and peace

  • COLA Co-Moderators, Rev. Cedric Portis and Rev. Carol DeVaughan
    COLA Staff, Jennifer Pitcher, Rev. Emma Dobson and Rev. Kathleen Henrion
    COLA Volunteers – All who give of their time and talents
  • For all of the servant ministries of our congregations
  • For all those who fight on the front line for social justice and peace.