To our Congregations’ Clerk of Session

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Statistics of the Church

The Session Annual Statistical Report Workbook is available here:

After you’ve completed the workbook or worksheet, this is the link to the on-line reporting site:

Lost your PIN and/or password? 
Call Joy Myers, Stated Clerk at 314-772-2398, or email her at

Tips for On-Line Statistical Reporting

Print and fill out the workbook or worksheet first. Enter the information on the on-line reporting site linked above. You can come and go from the reporting site and make as many changes as necessary until you click “Submit” or until the deadline date of Thursday, February 16, 2018. Remember, the Session needs to approve the report as soon as possible after December 31, 2017. This is a Session report and does not require approval at the congregational meeting.

The best place to print is from the “Church Report” menu on-line. The “church report” feature is a two-page summary of all the information that you entered. This is the report you should include in your session minute book.

If you have questions or need assistance with this process contact Joy Myers, Acting Stated Clerk at 314-772-2398, Extension 123, or email

Terms of Call

After your congregational meeting to act on 2017 terms of call for pastors, complete the Terms of Call report form below. Secure the signatures of the clerk and pastor and mail the signed form. 

Church Information Forms

This form is used to update the presbytery directory, our mailing lists, database and files. Return the form to the Acting Stated Clerk by February 16, 2018If you prefer to type these reports, click the Word document link below. Save the document to your computer to type and print your report.

Elder Commissioner to Presbytery

Remember to elect your presbytery commissioners for 2016 at your December or January Session meeting. Report the name(s), addresse(s), and e-mail address(es) of Ruling Elders commissioned by your Session to attend presbytery meetings in 2016. Return this form to the Stated Clerk by January 20th to ensure that your commissioner(s) get(s) the call papers for the February  Presbytery Gathering.

Necrology Report

Report the names of all elders who died in 2017 (whether or not they were in active service on the Session). The names will be read at a presbytery gathering. Return the report to the Stated Clerk by January 29th, 2018